Monday, April 21, 2014

Jazz flute is for little fair boys

 Qué onda mucha.....This week was super dirty bros.... It was semana santa which last year was awful. It was just contacting and sitting around, but this year it was awesome!!! 
Monday we had some solid district counsel. We also went to buy my scripture cases. Just a few months late right, but it's good. We also had a family night with the Boror Family and some of their neighbors so that was solid. 
Tuesday we had all of our appointments fall through until six. We then taught Hermana Monica and found that that she has started reading the Book of Mormon. And by started I mean that she has read the first fifteen chapters in the four days she's had it. So that was solid. We then went to visit our investigator that had the date to be Baptized on Saturday to review the interview questions so that she was ready. She pulled out her mini Preach My Gospel and opened right to the page where they are all written.. #pilas. 
Wednesday we taught the daughter of a less active sister who we found recently. Her and her boyfriend have been coming to Church. He wants to get Baptized, but has to get divorced from his old wife and marry her first. But we taught their daughter and she seems pretty awesome. We also visited the family with the date for the 11th of May and left them a sweet poster we made them that says their names and then has a huge picture of Jesus getting Baptized and says "follow the example of Jesus Christ 11th of May" and has boxes so that they can check the three times that they need to go to Church and all of that. It is awesome, but my comp has the picture so I'll try to send it. 
Thursday  we had our last interviews with President Stay. They were pretty solid. We also did divisions with the ZL'S so that they could interview Astrid. I stayed in my area with Elder Lopez. It was a good time. 
Friday was great! It was supposed to be the slowest day of the Semana Santa right. wrong. We went to fill up the font because, sometimes there isn't water. So we went and it was full blessing right. Wrong. The water was dirty ansd we had to empty it. We then cleaned it ands filled it back up. After that we started divisions with Carolingia. I stayed in my area with Elder Clyde.... shout out to Payson, Utah. It was literally one of the best days of my entire mission. We taught all of our lessons with members,  we didn't have any of them fall and we ended the night with a family night in the house a member with our investigators that have dates for the 11th. Did I mention our investigator gave the Heimlich to the members daughter and saved her life. Sweet right. We also had to run home to make it there on time and we made it by 20 seconds. But I can't run to save my life now a days. 
Saturday  we had the baptism of Hermana Astrid and it was awesome!!! 
Sunday we went to Church. The zone leaders came to interview the family that is getting Baptized on Sunday and then we pretty much had a bunch of stuff fall through, but we did have a sweet last appointment with the Santos Family where we taught them about the Sabbath Day. This week was incredible. I know that God answers prayers and that we do literally all that we can he makes up for everything that we can't do. I love you all. 

Love, Elder Nicholas David White 
Happy Earth Day

Baptism of Astrid conversa más pilas de toda mi misión

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