Monday, April 7, 2014

God answers Prayers

HEY FAMILY!!!!!!! My companion has changes! So that's super awesome. This week was good. 
Last Monday was crazy. So P-Day and we have to go get the birth certificates of the family that is getting Baptized on Saturday so we get on a bus go down there call them and get their dates. They tell us we have to wait in like a 3 hour line. So that's lame. We are in line and I'm praying really hard that something will happen to get us out of their faster. I have the thought come to me to ask a lady working what I need. She tells me I have it all just to go to the bank and pay. So I go to the bank and pay and we get out of there. We then made our way to.... yeah guess where.... Nueva Montserrat! My first area! To drop the papers off to the lawyer. AKA the old Bishop of the ward. It was awesome! I hadn't been there in so long! It's the exact same and I miss it a ton! I saw some friends and all that good stuff. We then came back and went to a lesson with a member and her non member husband he accepted Baptism, but he is in the process of getting divorced and then wants to marry her. So it will take a minute. 
Tuesday we did divisions and I was with Elder Buchanan again. It was awesome. I love divisions. There was no stress about someone getting mad at me for wanting to work or do things well. It was great. 
Wednesday was just a normal day. We went to an appointment with the parents of someone who got Baptized in another ward here in the stake. They were awesome. They just don't have the desire to go to Church too much, but they are positive. They said they'll get Baptized if they receive testimonies so that is our job. We also got locked out of the house. We also taught a youth of 16 years. He didn't accept a date for his Baptism, but reads and goes to church every week. He knows it's true. He'll get baptized this change. 
Thursday we carried our huge house phone around all day and I felt throwback to Montserrat back when I always carried it in my backpack hahaha. Classic days. We also taught the Santos Family they told us that they think the reason they moved to Carranza was so that we would find them, but they didn't except a date yet either. 
Friday nothing really sweet happened. 
Saturday we went to wait for the lawyers and they didn't see us and passed us. We were there baffled for hours and they finally found us. Turns out they got lost and the wedding started two hours late. But it went awesome. They got married then Baptized!!! 
Sunday we did divisions after Church and it was great to be in a trio with two awesome members all day. 
Well the Church is true Brothers and Sisters. Last night I had one of the most spiritual prayers I have ever had and it was answered. We have changes. I then had another one of the best prayers ever of gratitude and I made a covenant with God that I will do everything I can in every possible minute to serve him. So looks like I'm going to have to keep stepping it up. I love you all. 

Love, Elder White

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