Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sometimes good things happen to good people

What's up bros.... and everyone else who reads this email. How have you all been?  I'm using the same computer as last week so sorry for the grammatical errors.  I promise I'm still good at stuff like that.  I know my emails have been lame lately , but it's my weakness. Remind like it says in Ether God gives men weaknesses so that they may be humble... so lay off..... haha This week was good. 
On Monday we played soccer with the zone and it was my first soccer game in like a year. Since I left Montserrat.. and I've still got it.  I never really had too much, but what I had I still have. We also taught Erick and Carmen to get them ready for their Baptism. 
Tuesday we left with a kid named Dorian. He's 19 and super cool. We taught some solid lessons and all that jazz. We also had these two 13 year olds go with us to an appointment cause, there was no one else.  It was solid though. They killed it. hashtag #futuremissionaries 
On Wednesday we did divisiones and I went to Guajitos with my boy Elder Prestwhich. We go way back to the days of Milagro..... Well anyways we worked super hard and had a great day. I love being with young guys. It is the best way to go. 
Thursday We taught Carmen and Erick about fasting. It was Erick's Birthday and they weren't doing anything cause, they have no money. The member that was with us left and bought them a cake after the lesson.  It was pretty solid. hes a sweet kid. 
Friday was the Fourth of July.  I jammed MOTAB'S America album all day and night. We also taught this teenager that has been going to Guajitos but live in our area. We convinced her to go to mutual and Church in our ward since she lives in it.  And she's a new investigator.  I also finished reading the Book of Mormon again and had the chance to pray and ask God if it is true.  I know that it is and I love it. 
Saturday we had the Baptism of Erick and Carmen!!!! It was awesome!!!! We also left with our boy Emma.  He's a 16 year old that always leaves with us. 
Sunday we had a solid day of visits. We got some sweet members to leave with us. This is my first area where the youth like working.  It's awesome.  I love you guys!!! 

Elder White

Tras muchas tribulaciones viene las bendiciones


Representing the 8-0-1

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