Saturday, October 27, 2012

This Week in Guatemala...

Whats up?! I'm out of contact solution so that's awful. And contacts. And my card doesn't work in the ATM's here so I need someone to call my bank! But this e-mail is rushed so sorry if it's bad.
This week has been pretty fun and great. But also kind of sad. I forgot in my last e-mail that last Tuesday we had Elder Martino of the Seventy come speak to us. It was awesome. He told us some wonderful things. My quote of the week is from him and it goes like this, "The message that you share is true, Elders. Be bold with it. We do need to be bold with the words of our God, Brothers and Sisters. Not just missionaries but everyone! We know it's true,why not let everyone else know too?"
Anyways I'll get on with the week.

Sunday was way fun! Our last Sunday with the older "Nortes" and our Latinos! It was sad. It's weird how in your mission you start to miss Elders that leave for other places just as much as the people back home. Especially our Latinos I love them all. With todo mi corazon!!! I'll probably never see them again, but they are incredible and we'll be friends in Heaven again. Sunday Ward and I also received a sacred Guate.CCM calling I'll tell about it in a few months as it is not to be spoken of right now.
Monday was pretty dull. Tuesday we went on a city tour and to the market. It was awesome! I bought a few Christmas presents and something my teacher said I'll need for my mission. It's a beautiful machete. I'll send pics in like two weeks. I guess we carry them in the mountains in our missions in Guate.
Tuesday and Wednesday we also got new missionaries. 50 new Nortes! Including Elder Rheinholt and Elder Hunsaker. Fellow Alta Hawks. They are both great. We also heard the greatest talk ever. From Elder Holland it was last August in the MTC. I need a copy of it stat!
Evrey future missionary needs to read or watch it stat. It's awesome. It
brought me to tears. Which isn't too hard when the Gospel is involved.
Wednesday we got our DearElders!!! Thanks for the letters everyone! I'm writing you all back today.

Thursday nothing much happened. Thursday our District had an "ayuno de ingles" which is a fast of English. Only Elder Crompton and I went all day until 9 without speaking English. It
was the hardest, but most rewarding day of the week.

Friday we were planning to teach one of our two investigators. Then our teachers busted out two new ones on us including a one on one investigator without our companions. It was awesome. I can't wait to teach lessons all day in just two more weeks.
I love you all and don't ever forget that this Church is true. Today during e-mails I checked my spam and saw that I got e-mails form G-MA and G-PA and Courtney! Don't worry I'll write you back today! It will take two weeks but you'll get it!  Mom and Jeri your letters got here Thursday so that was fast! I loved them! Thanks so much! This week really has helped me to become such a better missionary I think. I love this work. I'd like to quote one of my
favorite Hymns. I never sang it antes (before) my mission, but I love it.

Shall the youth of Zion falter in defending truth and light? When the enemy
asaileth shall we shrink or shun the fight? No! 

Always stay strong! I forget who said it because my notebook is in my room, but in G.C.
in Holy places and Do NOT MOVE." I love you all. I know without a doubt, with all of my heart our Church is true. The people here are the descendants of the Lamanites and Nephites this is the land of the Book of Mormon. It's not doctrine, but I feel it. Congrats to my BFF on his mission call. I'm so stoked for you to hablar espanol conmigo!

Love. Elder White

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  1. Keep up the great work Elder White. We have you in our prayers.