Monday, October 8, 2012


Hey everyone! I only have 30 minutes to email here instead of like an hour in Provo so this might be not so well written. And my p-day is Saturday not today. We could only write today cause of Conference.
It takes mail about 12 days to get from Guatemala City to The U.S. So probably e mail me! I would kill for a hand written letter though! But really people, e-mail me or dear elder or whatever. Its nuts going from getting like 8 dear elders a day to only getting to check the mail once a week! And Dear elders get shipped from Provo so, they take like a week anyways! But anyways, I need more pictures of friends and family! My two Latino roommates love them! They love pictures of Utah too!
Well anyways Guatemala City is so dope. Its like New York, but in a jungle. It's so beautiful. I'd send you pictures, but they took our cameras until the p-day before we leave the MTC! So they'll be a minute! I'll get on with the week. Tuesday we flew down here all night! On the plane Steed and I were talking to this Guatemalan and he was so interested about the Church so Steed gave him his Book of Mormon. With his name engraved on it! Haha. The bus ride in was insane! Guatemala is way pretty! And at this MTC we get to leave
sometimes. Like in two weeks they take us to the city and leave us to tract! And then in three they take us to the market and then we get to go to Wendy's. Anyways, my companion is from Hyrum. His name is Elder Whittaker. He's cool! Elder Crompton is in my district Mom!

Thursday we play soccer at gym time always. I can't wait to show you some pics of the soccer fields. I rep for the Nortes or the North Americans (white people) Six goals in 5 games so I've scored everyday we've played. The Latins here are way cool! They're all funny and extremely nice! They help us learn espanol and we help them with English.
On Friday the Market came. These vendors come into this alley in back of the MTC and sell stuff. I got some great ties for about 80 quaetzalas. So 10 dollars. You can buy soccer jersey's like 50 dollar ones for 10 dollars here. It's insane. Anyways I got a haircut friday. A barber comes and you go into the back outside and he just asks, listo? Which is ready in spanish, and then he just cuts your hair. It was nuts. I don't remember when it was this short. We went to CRE Friday too. Which is in a separate building off MTC campus that we teach other missionaries in. It was so sick! 
Saturday and Sunday- we watched conference all weekend. Wow. I love conference. The opportunity to hear the words of God through our beloved Prophets. New missionary age still shocks me!  All of you better be going on missions right now. I'm not even joking
colby, marcus, beck, z rod, t$, A Train, Cameron. ALL OF YOU: You don't know how much it will change you for the better until you're here! 
My favorite conference talk was probably Elder Holland's! I love him so much!
Send packages quick! Cause, they take like 2 to 3 weeks! :( and my Latinos want some pics!!! My teachers are awesome. Hermano Gaulvez knows the Rodgersons cousin!!! He just got home from his same mission 4 months ago! I got connects all over the world I guess. I never knew how much Spanish I knew until I had to speak it so much. Best thing
everyday is refaccion which is at night we just get a half hour break for a refreshment. I love Guate as they call it down here. Ñove you all! E mail you Saturday! Hit me up before that! Love always.... Elder Nicholas White  

Para siempre dioes este con vos

Guatemala MTC
Guatemala City Temple

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