Saturday, October 20, 2012

Week Six

This week has been really crazy and fun! My address I gave you was wrong last week!!! It's

Boulevard Vista Hermosa 23-17 Zona 15
Guatemala, Guatemala, C.A. 01001

Please fix that and update it! But I left my journal in my room so bear with me I might forget some stuff. First off though I have questions! Has anyone got their call recently? Turned in their papers? Anything cool like that?! Also My Mom said people weren't sure if I got their DearElders right before I left Provo. I got ones from the Harris, Ryan Price (I wrote you a letter big guy) it is in Guate mail though so it will probably take like twelve days to get there. And I also got the one from Colby. I didn't get any DearElders this Thursday so I just almost didn't write anyone an e-mail today.... for reals though. Whats going on? Anyways, on with my week.
Last Saturday after e-mail we played soccer. It was Nortes vs. two teams of Latinos and we scored within the first five seconds to beat them both games. They were freaking out and we were just yelling "Nortes Para Siempre" which is like "North Americans Forever!" It was way funny. Then for CRE we went street contacting. My companion and I killed it. We helped this Sister fix her car and then we talked to everyone about the Church. We had tons of success too. Sunday was awesome at Church.  Our Church is through a wall in the back of the Temple and it's beautiful. For Church we have intercambios where we have a Latino
Companion. Mine was Elder Castro from Panama. He's awesome! He looks like Bruno Mars.

Then Monday we didn't do too much. Just had CRE and there was a temblor here! Which is when the earth just shakes. It's like an earthquake, but not as bad.
Then Tuesday we went proselyting with our new Latin companion. Mine is from Peru and I can't really understand him, but it was awesome. We went into the most humble place I've ever been is how I'll put it. It was great to serve and to proselyte.
Wednesday we went to the Temple. The Temple here is way pretty! And the distribution center.
Thursday we went on a field trip to Immagracion to get our Visas. It was pretty cool.
Friday we had just our two Norte districts for gym and we played district vs. district for Futbol. We killed them. As of yesterday I've still scored every day. I had 7 Yesterday. So I'm at 28. Reppin for the "Nortes". I've gotten so much better at soccer than I ever was in just two weeks.
This week we go on a city tour and to the market! I'm stoked. Anyways, I'm glad everything there is great! Too bad our Yanks lost. :( US beat Guate and everyone was all sad. But whats up World Cup? Two years. The food is good. It's rallying half my district, but I'm fine! Love you guys I pray for all of you always. Remember from Conference my quote of the week. I don't have my book so I don't know who said it, but in our quiet prayerful moments we can feel our Saviors arms around us. Love you! Pray for the United States and the decision we'll all make for our future. Did my ballot come? Also pray for my second great country of Guatemala! And for it's peoples hearts and ears to be opened to this wonderful Gospel.
Love you all.


Elder Nicholas David White
Para siempre dios este con vos

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