Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Who Said Guate City Ain't Hip Hop?

This week was sweet! This Monday we had FHE with the ward and it was awesome. Then Tuesday we had divisions and I was with the ZL Elder Tracy. We had a good time. We had a ward movie night, but we couldn't watch it obviously so we made the refreshments with our Ward Mission Leader and his wife. The Ward is way awesome. Then we walked one of the older ladies in the Ward home because, it was late and she didn't want to walk alone. We also had choir practice with the district cause, were singing in Mixco Parque on the 15th. It will be cool.
Wednesday we had our interviews with the President. It was awesome and he told us what we need to do with the FHE´s and such.
Thursday Elder Mejia and I were tracting and waiting at this door and this girl walked by, but we were waiting so we didn't want to start trying to teach her while waiting for other people to come to the door so we didn't say anything. And she was like, "Hola buenas tardes" and pushed back her hair and winked at us. And we were like "Buenas" and then in my head I though, "snake". And no lie 5 seconds later Elder Mejia just goes, "snake". It was really funny.
Friday we helped our boy Melvin move. But he still lives in the ward so that's good! We also met a guy while tracting named Moses. We were at this door and he walked up and started talking to us. He was like, I don't go to church, but Ive been studying a bunch of religions cause, I'm just looking for the truth. And when we heard that we freaked out cause, were like, we have the truth! We had a good 40 minute conversation with him and we have an appointment with him tomorrow night. He said he wants to learn everything about the Church. He is sweet. Saturday our ward had a party with sports and everything. We played basketball and ping pong with the ward. It was awesome.
Sunday we had testimony meeting and it was sweet. We then had the Christmas devotional in the night and our investigator that we've been trying to get to go to Church came to it! And he loved it! It was awesome. Sorry emailing is hard because, there's so much to do and our computers aren't very good. But I just want everyone to know I love you all and I love hearing from you. I also want you all to know that we have an orange tree at our chapel that I eat oranges off of every Sunday. I forgot that. But I've been trying to send pictures. I'll get some printed and send them in a package hopefully. 
Everyone I want you all to know that I love you. And that it was a good week! 
Con amor, from Guate.
Elder Nicholas White       
Para siempre dios este con vos

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