Monday, January 21, 2013

Domestic Goldfish

This week was good. Monday we didn't do much for p day.
Tuesday - We started running to the park and working out in the mornings. We can do dips and pull ups and run there and all that good stuff in the mornings so that was nice. We also visited the Bishop and I used his bench. It was awesome!
Wednesday - Wednesday we had Zone Conference with President Stay. It was pretty cool. We learned a lot about how were changing a lot of things and it was pretty solid. I feel like I learned a lot there. We all had to chose a missionary from the Book of Mormon before and talk about one trait we wanted to develop to be more like him. I chose Alma the younger and the sons of Mosiah cause, they've always been my favorite. The trait I chose was Humility and I also chose Diligence. I used the example of how they were humble enough to fully repent of their sins. Because, sometimes we have to be humble and except what we've done is wrong and that the only way to fix it it through the Atonement. My favorite saying is, "Humility isn't thinking less of yourself, but it's thinking of yourself less".  I've realized the happiest times in the mission are when you're helping other people out. And diligence because, there is a scripture in Alma that says that they, ¨couldn't stand the thought of souls not being saved¨.
Thursday - Thursday we had a meeting with Elder D. Todd Christofferson with Missions North and Central. It was sweet seeing all our friends in those missions there. He talked a lot about Obedience. I think that obedience is really important for any missionary or soon to be missionary. You can tell the difference in our missions and the other more obedient missions.
Sabado - Saturday was nuts! I had my first experience of contacting a bus. It was the scariest thing ever. But once I started talking it was way less scary and after it was awesome.
Domingo - Sunday we were riding home from Church and there wasn't room so Elder Wootton and I had to ride in the trunk. It was fun. There's a video to come. We also had a lesson to prepare the Family Garcia for their Baptismal Interview this week! It was awesome. They've truly changed so much. It's an awesome feeling.

Happy Birthday this week to my cousin Matt and to my boy #givemethat! Love you guys.
Love you all.

Elder White

Elder White & Elder Wootton

Menos Activos Trophy

The bikes we wish we had...
Elder Wootton

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