Monday, January 7, 2013

Guatemala in the New Year

This week was pretty good.
Monday - I was freaking out because of all my best friends mission calls. I was excited all week! We went to lunch with a convert  named Melvin. He is sweet. He is like the best friend of missionaries in our area. Then we had dinner with The Prado Family in our Ward for New Years!
Tuesday - Tuesday we had a lesson with our convert Lusmar who was baptized the 29th of December and he told us that he decided to go on his mission in a year when he can go! It was awesome knowing that someone we taught the Gospel to will be somewhere else preaching the same Gospel to other people!
Wednesday - Wednesday we had a lesson with a family, Hermano Eden and his wife. Our ward mission leader Hermano Donerick was just talking about his baptism and the blessings it has brought him and he was like, I think Elder White has a feeling he'd like to share also. And I just went with it and asked them to be baptized on the 26th. They said yes! Then Sunday in Church they said they prayed about it and they know its the right day for their baptisms! It was sweet! Also their little girl was sick. She is one year old. And they asked for a blessing for her. They asked my companion to anoint her and told her to choose who she wanted to give her a blessing. She walked over to me and reached for my hand. It was scary cause, it was my first blessing ever. And it was awesome. It wasn't that long, maybe like a minute or two, but it was awesome!
Thursday - We found out that the 17th we have a meeting with Mission Central and Mission Norte and Elder D. Todd Christopherson is speaking. It was sweet. I'm way excited to see him and all my friends in those missions too! We also had Melvin accompany us for our lessons because, we still have the 5:30 rule.
Friday - We were walking down the street and I thought we should visit this contact. We did and we had a lesson with him. He said his Family had gone to Church with missionaries years ago, but one day the Elders stopped coming. We think they both got transferred and the new ones didn't look for them. But he seems like a great guy so hopefully we can help him! We also went to our lesson with the Bishop. After he took us to the Church and said, We're playing soccer. So we played. All 4 elders and the elders quorum too.

It was a good week! The Church is True! Love you guys! Congrats on your call to my girl R Pitt!!! 
With Love from Guate. City,   
Elder White

 Dinner with the Prado Family
New Year's Eve 2012

God Bless the U.S.A.

A Bird pooped on Elder White's face....GROSS!!

Drinking Tampico from a bag
with Elder Wootton
Elder Mejia playing chess with a member
Elder Mejia taking a nap on the floor of the Church

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