Monday, January 14, 2013

Peligro Hip Hop

Hey everyone! This week was pretty good.  We had a lot of teaching opportunities and we get to work with members in lessons a lot cause, we have to have a member after 5:30 at night or we can't leave the house. They really help with their strong testimonies and fellow shipping of our investigators.
Monday we played basketball for about 4 hours as a zone. Well, as north Americans in the zone, haha. It was so fun. I'm definitely not that good anymore, but it was sweet. We had a Family night also. We had a lesson about the importance of missionary work and played some ten person uno. It was nuts. I loved it. Uno is my favorite game ever now.
Tuesday we had a lesson with the family of our recent convert. They are investigators also. They were telling us about how we've been a blessing in their lives and how they consider us to be their angels. They said the spirit we bring to their home is a feeling they've never felt and that we truly are angels. I'm definitely not an angel, but I know that the spirit of the message of the restored Gospel of the Savior Jesus Christ can touch lives and change them completely. I've only been a missionary for four months and I've seen lives change completely through the power of the spirit. I feel like I should say this and I don't know why, but I want to make a promise to anyone with a doubt reading this. I promise if you will ask about the truth of the Gospel in humble pray to our Heavenly Father he will confirm unto you the truth of it. I've seen it countless times. I've experienced it. I've witnessed prayers answered. I witness my own prayers answered everyday of my life. I know and testify that God answers prayers. 
Wednesday the Bishop invited us to make cake and play ping pong so we did. It was really fun and the cake was incredible.
Friday we had divisions with the ward mission leader and Melvin. We visited lots of different families to get them excited about helping us in our work. It was a good day.
Saturday was my 4 month mark. It was weird. We had good lessons Saturday and all was well.
Sunday our Elders Quorum President came with us to our lessons and they were really powerful. It's great having a third strong testimony in lessons to testify of the truth and bring the Spirit. Our investigator in her prayer at the end of the lesson asked for a confirmation that she needs to be baptized.
It was a great week.

Elder White

Sunset in Mixco
Elder White playing ping pong with the Bishop
Elder White really loves those miniature bananas
Mosiah 4:19

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