Monday, October 14, 2013

Conference Number 3

What's up? This week was nuts. Monday we had p-day and did nothing. 
Tuesday we had zone conference and it was awesome. We learned some great stuff. We also started divisions with the zl´s. 
Wednesday we put a fecha with Saidy. The daughter of the family we reactivated. So she should be getting Baptized this Saturday! 
Thursday we just worked. 
Friday we taught the family we are reactivating and it was awesome. 
Saturday it was conference!!! Yes! We ate with the Bishop of the area of the stake center cause, we are like 40 minutes away from it. We also ate with all the Elders before Priesthood. We slept over in the zone leaders house. 
Sunday we Watched conference and that's it. Conference was awesome. It is better and faster as a missionary. I loved so many talks - I'll share a few things. Lorenzo Snow once said it is our job to try to be perfect. That is true. We will never be perfect, but we have to try. Edward Dube went hard. Never look back. He also said when you accept a call you accept it with all your commitment!!!  It's true. Please fulfill your duties! I'm sick of people not doing their jobs. He also said it's not about where we have been or what we have done, but where we are willing to go. That is so true. 
Bednar said we need to change our own circumstance and not expect others to do it for us. I loved that more than ever. 
Gifford Neilson just had a great talk.  Holland said we have been chosen to live in a fallen world. Pres Uchtdorf told us that sometimes we need someone to look us in the eye and say, you can do it, get up. 

The Church is true. 

Love, Elder White

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