Sunday, October 6, 2013

Que chillero vos

Ey que onda family? How are you all doing? This week was fast as ever. I don't even remember last week. 
On Monday we went the the border of El Salvador for our district activity. It's in our zone so it's was only like two hours in a bus... huge zones outside of the capital.... I told everyone it would all be closed cause other Elders told me it all closes at 1. So we get there at about 1:30 and there is nothing. No one listens to me I swear. I also used a quote that Russell sent me in our meeting so that was good. 
Tuesday Nothing
Wednesday we met an inactive member and her husband and daughter who are not members. Yes! Things started to look up in Monjas. We also taught a lesson in the Church with our investigator with a Baptismal date. He loved it and has been reading and praying every day. 
Thursday we read the Book of Mormon with Rodrigo. The man from Wednesday and he was loving it and asking questions. 
Friday nothing
Saturday it was Elder Walton's birthday!!!! We had tons of lessons and such. We were teaching one and the two women we teach live right next to the river and don't leave too often. We read about the Sabbath day and I asked her what she got out of the verses. She said the laying on of hands..... We then read them again and explained them in detail. When my comp said the last prayer I somehow started thinking of the sister and how she moves her hand in front of her face and yells during our prayer. My companion paused and her whispering and he almost laughed. It was bad. I shoved my entire tie in my mouth and did not laugh. He couldn't finish... so he ended by saying in the name of Jesus Christ Amen. in English!!! They didn't hear cause they were so busy praying still so he yelled amen in Spanish and we finished we had to compose ourselves before they ended. It was weird. Other than that it was a good lesson. They didn't noticed that part. 
Sunday the inactive sister and her family came to Church! Well just her and the daughter and the little son that's 3. But it was her first time in 8 years. Our other investigators with baptismal dates said they were going to visit their aunt so they couldn't go to Church. But in the afternoon they went to an activity in the Evangelical Church. The members of their church fellowship... so that is how they are beating us in Monjas. The Church is true and I love being a missionary. I love you all. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen. 

Elder Nicholas White

P-day with the District

Beautiful Monjas Sunset

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