Thursday, December 19, 2013


What's up family? I didn't think of a title so I apologize for that.  I'm also sorry that I'm horrible at typing now a days.  I only use a computer once a week for an hour so I'm getting bad. This last week was good. 
On Monday we just did the normal p-day jazz and ate and all that. 
Tuesday we had a leadership meeting in Jutiapa.  So that was good. We learned lots of good things. We also taught the new family we found about the Book of Mormon.  In the words of my comp. "they are too prepared for the Gospel. They just need to schedule their time better!" But it was good. We also taught the Perez family about the Book of Mormon. They just don't understand the importance of that and prayer. They have committed to live the word of wisdom, they go to Church, they do everything, but they won't ask God if they should get baptized. 
Thursday I hit 15 months so that was cool. It was just a normal day. My companion burned a tie for 6 months so that was cool. 
Friday we did some service helping a member take down this huge wood thing he built and taking it to the dump. The dump here is nuts.  It is full of dogs and there is a family that lives there.  Their house is like a tent of signs and garbage stuff.  We also had a branch Christmas activity.  It was really good. Lots of investigators came and all that so that's good. 
Saturday a bunch of kids from a ward came to see how being a missionary is.  So we each were in groups with them and we took them to contact and teach and everything.   It was a solid time.  We taught the Perez Family about the word of wisdom and they accepted to live it without a question.   I don't know how more they could be ready for baptism!!!!! 
Sunday we taught some lessons and put a fecha (date) with Eduardo the 18 year old son of the Perez family for this Saturday.  We just need to help him pray and receive his answer! Pray for him please!  I love you all.  I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I love this Church and the chance to represent it. 

Love, Elder Nicholas White

I Love Gif Nielson

15 Months!!

Elder White & Elder Steed

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