Monday, December 9, 2013

It's not beginning to look a lot like Christmas

This week was weird, but good. On Monday we did nothing cool. We taught a lesson to a family that had dates to get Baptized and they told us that they can't go to Church anymore cause, they saw some program and think we have multiple wives. We explained it to them, but the damage was done. So that wasn't that cool. 
Tuesday we had zone conference with another zone for Christmas. It was awesome. We watched a great movie about Ephraim Hanks and learned a lot of cool stuff. We also go t to see some good friends so that was good. One of the old sisters came back on divisions so that was fun. 
Wednesday my companion contacted a guy in the street while I was knocking on a door. It turns out the guy just started asking him why there are so many Churches. He explained him it and realized he was drunk as ever. The guy asked him the same question about ten times. So that was classic. I knocked all the doors on the street while this happened cause, I couldn't go over without laughing. 
Thursday we went to visit a member that moved to a village about 30 minutes away on foot. She still comes to Church though. We took a tuk tuk out there, but had to walk back. She is awesome. We also got an investigator to come to an activity where the stake president came to talk. It was a solid activity. The bad thing is that he never wants to go to Church, but he goes to every activity. 
Friday we had zone meeting. A week full of meetings right?  We then did divisions with the zone leaders and I went with Elder Buckley. I literally always stay in my area on divisions and I don´t know why I can´t plan it better. We taught an inactive family by candlelight. It was awesome they have been coming to activities, but it´s hard to get them to church for it being at nine in the morning.  We also taught a family in the church and put a baptismal date with the 18 year old son. The mom and her others kids still haven't accepted one, but we'll see. 
Saturday we came to Jalapa for the Baptism of Cindy and we rented a small bus. I had to sit on the ground the whole time. It was awful, but fun. Eduardo couldn't go, but he told us he had already decided to get Baptized so he didn't need to see it. 
Sunday we went to Church and only Eduardo came. His family didn't :( We then taught an awesome new family and a crazy guy and went to the Christmas devotional.I loved it! President Monson talked about how the spirit of Christmas is the spirit of Christ. It's so true. I love Christmas. I love Christ our savior and I love the Church. 

Love you all! Love, Elder White!!!!!!!! 

Happy B Day. White, Grandpa, Ty and Taylor Swift I hope you all have great weeks! 

Love you guys. Love, Elder White

Elder White & Hermana Sanchez

Elder White & Elder Kunde

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