Monday, December 23, 2013

The greatest way to send Christmas preaching loud for all to hear!

Qué onda mucha? It's Christmas! I hope everyone is enjoying their Christmas season with their snow and cold weather... hahaha. It's crazy to think that this is my second Christmas in the mission. This week was good. 
On Monday we had the worst p-day ever. No one was here. But at night we had a sweet lesson in the Church with Eduardo. We don't know what more we can do with him and his family! But it will all work out. 
Tuesday we taught the Perez family the law of chastity. They all committed to live it so that's good. They literally know everything. Know that Joseph Smith was a Prophet that the Church is true, that the Book of Mormon is true! They just have something holding them back. We've been trying way hard to find out what it is! Hopefully we can get it. 
Wednesday we had to go do some interviews for some Baptisms that didn't actually happen. But the interviews were awesome and they had no problems so that was good. We were going to be late for our appointment because of the length of the interviews so we just stopped by really quickly and talked about the restoration of the priesthood a little bit more in depth and gave Angeles a blessing because she had been sick. It was a good lesson. 
On Thursday we did divisions with the Zone Leaders. I came to Jalapa with Elder Huayta (el chino) and my comp stayed in Monjas. I interviewed a girl that they baptized on Sunday. She is super awesome and she'll be a great member. Her boyfriend leaves on his mission in March and he baptized her. We also taught a lesson about the Book of Mormon in the house of a member. It's a lot different the life in a ward. I'd forgotten about it. 
Friday we ended divisions. We taught the Castro family. A family we found in the street a week ago. They live next to  a bar.... that they own. But they are changing it into a store because, they realize that alcohol is bad. We haven't taught them that it was a decision they made by themselves. We taught them the Plan of Salvation. It was a good lesson. We also taught Elio and he had a bunch of questions. We also taught the Perez family in the Church, but Eduardo hadn't gotten there yet so we couldn't go in and teach them (just Rosa and Angeles and a member) but they were all women so we couldn't go in until Eduardo got there. He finally came and we taught about faith and exercising your faith in God. It was a solid lesson. 
Saturday we taught an awesome family that we hadn't been able to teach in a minute. We taught them about the Sabbath Day. They are awesome and promised to come to Church.  We taught another new family and they are super receptive as well. 
Sunday the Vallenzuella Family came to Church!!!!!!!!!!!!! The family we taught on Saturday came to Church and they liked it. They had had problems in their former Church. So they were scared, but they finally got brave enough to come!  We also taught the Perez family and they committed to do family prayer every night. We are praying so hard for them to get rid of their fear and just get baptized already! Pray for them! They think they are members of the Church already. Love you all. Things are looking up in Monjas. Merry Christmas to all.... 

Love, Elder Nicholas David White

I know you like watermelon

Monjas at its finest

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