Monday, December 2, 2013

It makes cold in Monjas

This week was insane! It was one of the hardest weeks of my mission. 
Monday we had p-day. The sisters said bye to everyone and left. 
Tuesday we woke up and worked we tried to divide our area differently, but we couldn't cause, we started working in it and felt awful for some reason. We went back to the house to pray. We made a list of all the things we were stressed about and talked them out one by one. We solved them all and felt better. We helped the new sisters get to know their area. THEY ARE WAY DIFFERENT THAN THE OLD ONES. 
Wednesday we taught some lessons and all that jazz. 
Thursday we had an activity of the branch in a members house our investigator Obidio came. He goes to every activity, but we can´t get the kid to church. His brother goes to church, but we can´t get him to activities. It´s weird. But it was solid. The house was way to christmasy and we started getting baggy. So that´s not good. The weird thing is when I get baggy for Christmas I don´t think about Christmas in Utah, but Christmas in Montserrat last year. Weird right? 
Friday we just worked and Saturday too. We started our fast on Saturday. It was good. Sunday we passed by for everyone. We got the mom and little sister of the two teenagers to church for the first time!!!!!!!!!! She was questioning  it, but my companion just told her. Hermana in Utah it snows up to our waists sometimes, but I always went to church. I think he did it with that one. He didn´t mention that he drove and didn´t have to walk. ha ha. But It was awesome to get them in church. The church is true. 

Love, Elder Nicholas White

Thanksgiving with my Turkeys

Studying in the cold

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