Monday, December 30, 2013

Peace Out 2013

This week was not that great. Christmas week is always slow. 
Monday we had a Family Night in the Church with a few members and some investigators. It was really fun. There was a message, a few games and some hot chocolate. So that was a big success. 
Tuesday we talked to the fam on skype. So that was cool. We then ate at some house and delivered the rice and beans and stuff we bought for some families that don't have too much food. It was  a fun time. 
Wednesday. My last Christmas as a missionary. Yes. We walked around trying to get anyone to listen to us all day, but it didn't work out too well. We did have some funny experiences however. A lady told us we could stop by another day , but that the problem was that she was just visiting. We asked where she was from and she said, I'm not from here. I'm from Omnjas, Jalapa. My companion said he thought she was messing around until she looked him right in the eyes and said it without even flinching.¨It was pretty classic. 
Thursday I did an interview for the Sisters here in Jalapa so that was good. 
Friday I don't want to talk about this day. But the Perez Family still didn't accept Baptismal dates.
Saturday we were going to a Baptism and wanted the Perez Family to go with us. So we went to get them and the Mom said she couldn't cause, she wasn't ready. We went with one of her kids to the Church. The bus was still waiting for a few people so I just called her and said that we were passing by for her and her daughter. We then asked the President and he said it was fine. So we passed by and got them. Another family we are teaching went as well. I directed the service so that was cool. 
Sunday I talked in Church and only the Perez family came. We also were talking to this guy in the street that lived in the states and a group of older people passed by and he started yelling at them in English. And we told him to stop cause, they were getting freaked out, but he didn't. Well the Church is true! 

Love you all. 
Love, Elder White

Elder Walton & Elder White

Elder White & Elder Walton put rice and beans in stockings
and delivered them to those in need

Elder White found Santa in Monjas!

Lilly staring at Uncle (Elder) Nic

Lilly doesn't quite know what to think
Usually, she gives Uncle Nic kisses via picture frame, not computer...
I think she is a little confused!

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