Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2012

Elder White was able to Skype with his family for 45 minutes on Christmas Eve.  He e-mailed that morning and let his family know that he would be able to Skype at 2:30 PM.  2:30 came and went, and Elder White wasn't on Skype!  Around 2:45, he called his brother Russell to let him know that he wouldn't be able to Skype until later that day because he wasn't done with his appointments yet. 
Elder White's family anxiously waited and he finally called his around 5:45.The family met Elder Mejia and Elder White said that he had received all of his Christmas presents and he was very grateful for them.  He then spoke about an investigator he has grown close to and he has been working with since he first got into the field.  Elder White got teary as he told us that he really loved this investigator and that he is planning on asking him if he will be baptized this week!  So exciting!
Elder White also said that Guatemala is very different and he is still getting used to it. He really loves his companion and the people.  He is not able to go out after 5:30 PM without a member because of the recent kidnapping, but that hasn't slowed him down!  He is a hard worker and even has a hand-written sign above his desk that says "Don't waste the Lord's time". 
Elder White then got to see his niece Lilly for the first time (except for pictures) since she was about 30 hours old.  He said "She's so big!"  and he again got teary as Lilly stared at him as he spoke. 
Elder White said that all of the Missionaries in his district were going to dinner at a member's house and it sounded like they were having a fun day.  While Elder White was talking, his family could hear a "booming" noise in the background.  His brother Ryan asked him "what is that noise?  Is there a racket ball court in the Church?"  Elder White said that those were fireworks and they happen almost every night in Guatemala.
Elder White then recorded video messages for his friends and family and he asked his two older brothers, Russell & Jordan for advice about his mission.  They both told him to keep working hard and to love the people (even if it is hard sometimes).  Elder White then said goodbye - his family told him how much they love him and how proud they are of him.  He is such a great example to his family and friends and they are grateful for the sacrifice he is making by choosing to serve his Heavenly Father. 

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