Monday, December 31, 2012

Feliz Ano Nuevo

Hey guys! Whats up? I have way too much excitement from my e-mails this week and I'm going nuts right now. That and the crazy ADHD I already have are going to make this e-mail crazy. But anyways this week was good.
Monday our Zone all came and had dinner with us at this house in our area. It was way fun. We threw my new football, thanks fam, and we had some great fun. Here on Christmas at 12 everyone does fireworks. I wish I had a video, but I don't. Maybe I'll take one tonight. So we were in the street with a family watching them. The streets were filled with smoke and it looked like a legit war zone. Guate. kind of already looks like that usually. But the smoke added to it. It was the only time in my life I didn't want to stay out anymore. Weird right?

Tuesday-Tuesday was awful. Everyone was sleeping in their houses all day and we could only go visit members and it was the trunkiest worst day ever. But that's how it happens here the week of Christmas.

Wednesday-Wednesday was pretty sweet. We went to the Stakes Apartamietno. It's when all the missionaries leaving get set apart. It's in the Stake Center and everyone goes. It's nuts how they do it here. But a member of the 70 Elder Lopez talked at it and he told a story about a missionary in Chile that was in a crowd and a man was preaching against the Book of Mormon. And the man said, if any of you don't deny this book, I'll shoot you. Everyone didn't say anything obviously cause they weren't members and didn't want to die. But this missionary said, sir that book is true and I wont deny it. The man was true to his word and shot him in the head. This story really touched me because, it shows how we should be as Elders. Don't worry Mom I don't think it'll happen here!

Friday-Friday we had divisions for half the day while Montenegro did our baptismal interview. I was in Mixco with Brown and Galindo. It was pretty fun.

Saturday-Saturday We had the baptism of Lusmar! It was awesome. There was a really strong spirit there. We also had a birthday celebration for Elder Ramirez and I cause it was his birthday and mine is next month. We had cake and lasagna. And like Guate. tradition I had to get my face shoved in the cake. It sucked... But it was a good time.

Sunday-Sunday we had the usual meetings and then we did divisions with Melvin. He came with us to a lesson. The family of the guy we baptized is interested in hearing the lessons after they came to Church a few times! It's sweet.

It was a good week! Congrats to all my friends on their calls! A Train! I know some peeps in your mish! E mail me and I'll tell you about them! Also Mike congrats on Houston! Colby! Yes! I have some friends in Paraguay too! E mail me bro! Z Rod, my boy.... Freaking Guatemala. That's all I got to say to you! I love Guate. I cant wait until you know it too. I might see you in the Temple or something who knows. Best friends all speaking Spanish. Except Beck. But we forgive him. Love you guys.

Happy new year everybody!
Love Elder White
Lusmar's Baptism
December 29, 2012
Elder White with birthday cake on his face


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