Monday, December 24, 2012

Los Cremas

Hey everyone!!! Whats up? This week was a weird week. That's the best word to describe it I think!

Monday - we went to this huge mall here called Mirra Flores with the District! It was way fun. We ate at I-Hop and got Blizzards at Dairy Queen. It was like being in the states. It was weird. All the white people were at I-Hop and our comps somewhere else. Ha ha typical.

Tuesday - Tuesday we found out that they were adding two new missionaries to our ward because, the mission is getting so many missionaries right now. I was not excited cause, our area is tiny already. So we had to find a new house for them and everything. We also had a lesson with our investigator who we'd only met with once and he'd just come to Church with us. He told us he'd read all first Nephi from when we met with him Friday before Church Sunday and prayed about it and in Church he received his answer that the Church is true. It was sweet. He's getting baptized Saturday! It was awesome!

Wednesday - We helped the new missionaries move in and showed them the area a little bit. It was fun, but its weird having 4.

Thursday - Thursday we had a reunion with my group in the house of President Stay! It was way fun seeing all of my friends in the group. We were all sharing stories about all the crazy stuff in Guate. It was way fun. They were all telling me about their Comps and stuff and I'm so glad that I have the one that I do. He's awesome. He's taught me so much in such little time. I've never seen someone who has so much love for all other people that he knows. It's incredible. Our investigator right now he told me that he is his biggest concern in the whole mission and he was crying talking about when we can baptize him. He's giving him his suit coat for his baptism. What a guy. My prayers for my two months in the MTC for a good companion were for sure answered.

Friday - Friday was "El 13 B'aktun" when the world was supposed to end. We were helping the new missionaries in another area move and we got a call that said we couldn't go anywhere without a member all day. So we were stuck in their area for all day in the Church! It was nuts. Really boring. But there was an activity that night so we spent all day setting it up.

Saturday - We had a little girl in our Ward get baptized. I wish I took a picture, but I didn't! She's the cutest little girl ever! Except for Lilly. It was awesome. We also had an appointment with our investigator that I've taught the most. From the second day here! He told us if he could he'd get baptized tomorrow. But he has to go to Church again. So hopefully this week we'll get a date for him to get baptized!

Sunday - Sunday was weird. I was sick all day and we only went to sacrament and after had to go back and rest. It was rough, but I'm all better now. We think it was something I ate, but we don't know what. It made me feel really good that members and investigators were calling all day to see how I was feeling. That makes me feel like they know I love them cause, they were showing love for me.

Merry Christmas everyone!!! I love you all!
Love Elder White
Elder White & Elder McMillan
with their Machete's
Elder White as "Batman"
Called To Serve
Elder Mejia
Elder White & Elder Hanson
Elder White & Elder Mejia
Elder White & Elder McMillan
Elder White & Elder Steed
Elder White kissing a lizard
Elder White loves pineapples!!

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