Monday, December 10, 2012

Fireworks and People Burning Satan

This week was nuts! Guatemala is freaking weird! Monday we had lunch with our ward mission leaders family for p day. It was sweet Had some great flan. Then we accidentally knocked on another churches door cause churches here don't always look like churches.
Wednesday-Wednesday we had divisions and a bat tried to attack us when we were contacting. It followed us for 10 minutes and I was scared. But there were fireworks that we watched after we got home for the night. There are like every day for no reason here.
Thursday-We helped deliver a wreath to this Sister in our ward and it was great. She loved it!
Friday-Friday was a holiday they have here where they burn piƱatas of the devil. It was weird, but sweet. There were just piles of fire everywhere in the streets. We didn't do it, but everywhere people were doing it. It was nuts!
Sunday-We had stake conference and it was awesome,. They Stake President spoke as well as two members of the temple presidency of the temple and president and hermana stay too! It was really goo. As well as a member of the 70!
This week was pretty good. I love seeing all these calls every week. Its sweet! Make sure to get ready everyone. Every missionary in the world will say they wish they were more prepared.
But I'd also like to say Happy Birthday this week to Grandpa, TY Harris, Whitey, Ryan Price, and Anthony Salazaar!!! Love you guys! Have a great week! Love you guys all. The Church is true!
Love, Elder White

 Elder White making quesdadilla's in his house
 The City of Mixco
 Doing the laundry

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