Monday, December 17, 2012

No eres tu cuando tienes hambre

This week was nuts. Last Monday we went to Sera Luz which is a huge park thing with swings and everything. It was cool. I have some sweet videos I'll send.
Wednesday-I hit 3 months! It was crazy! But it's whatever. This Hermana in the other ward hit my hands with this stick she does it to every new elder in the zone then, we have to sign it. It was fun.
Thursday-We had the Christmas Devotional with President Stay and Hermana Stay. It was really good. I got to see Elder Bean so that was fun!
Friday-I got a package. I got two Monday too. But it was all broken. I was like... that's so "guate" of them to break my package. And it was way "guate" of them. But thanks for it! It had the tree and everything! . We also contacted our reference we got from the church headquarters and he's great! He cam to church yesterday too!
Saturday-We sang as a district in the Parque de Mixco Saturday! It was sweet. Lots of people came and watched us. And after we had a lesson with one investigator that we had a lesson with my second day here and he was not receptive at all. And Saturday night we were talking and he told us they started an account to save money for his one year old daughter to go on a mission!!! We just need to get him to church twice more before we can baptize him. In Guate. you have to go to church three times before baptism. Unlike those Africa and state sides missions where you just go once... (Easy stuff for them). I also heard a pitbull song in the street and I understand the Spanish part and I was like, what? That's cool. So that's also a blessing of another language... Or a curse.
Sunday-Sunday our Stake had the presentation of the Stake Choirs and we all sang with our wards. It was awesome! There was a really strong Spirit there and I loved it. Love you guys! Hey my boy Ry Price, I'll drop you an email maybe if I have time so you'll have it next week! But if not write me when you get in the MTC! On email of course cause, I wont get your letter before you leave the MTC. I'm stoked to add you to my missionaries I email every week!

For my thought I just want to send my new favorite scriptures! Doctrine and Covenants 130: 20 and 21. It's great. Love you all. I hope you all have a great Christmas! I probably will just call cause we dont' have webcams in the church and that's where we have to skype from! But love you all.
Elder White
3 Months!!!
Elder White & Mama Chapina
Eating fried plantinos and drinking bagged water
Elder White, Elder Dickson & Elder Brown
at Sera Luz
Elder Dickson kissing a lizard that we caught
at Sera Luz
Elder White & Elder Mejia

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