Monday, June 23, 2014

Hey guys! This week was pretty good.
Monday was p-day.
Tuesday was chill. We just taught a sweet lesson with the Sucuqui Family.
Wednesday we taught Maria Jose and the Aguilar Family we went with our boy Carlos and with Vicky. It was a pretty solid lesson with Maria Jose.
Thursday we left with a kid named Bryan for the whole afternoon.  We also taught our boys Familia Caal in the house of the Diaz Famly.
Friday we just taught Maria and she told us that her husband doesn't want her and her daughter to go to Church anymore so we set a time to go surprise talk to him so he actually learns something about the Church.
Saturday we filled up the baptismal font.
Sunday we had the baptism of Maria Jose. It was super sweet. We also left with Carlos and Vicky again. And we put a baptismal date with Hermana FLORY!!!! I love you all.

The Church is true. Love,
Elder Nicholas White

This is what $1.25 buys you in Guate

I hate rainy season

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