Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 2

This week was decent I suppose. Monday was just P Day. At night our appointments all fell and we just contacted for a few hours. 
Tuesday we did divisions so that I could interview someone in Carolingia and I finally burned my pants for 18 months. It was a little bit later, but better late than never right. 
Wednesday we taught the reference we got at Church last week. Her name is Maria José and she is super pilas. She is also 13 even though I thought she was like 18 cause she's literally like 5'10. But we put a baptismal date with her for the 1st of June! This Sunday so well see! While we were teaching her her roof opened and the rain started pouring in. So we helped them fix it and clean it all up. The house almost flooded. We also taught Hermana Maria in the Chinchilla families house. So it was awesome. A lady also told us that she couldn't talk to us cause her Pastor told her that Mormon Missionaries steal kids and take them back to the states to raise them. Where the logic would be being me, a 21 year old with no job and only high school education wanting to take a kid that doesn't know a lick of English to Utah to raise him by myself so he would be lost out of his mind and I would have to take care of him while I studied, worked, and found a wife, came from I have no idea. I thought it was way funny and pretty much just laughed. 
Thursday we taught Maria and Ilsi with Hermano ¡Julio. They had tons of questions! But it was a solid lesson. 
Friday we  had zone conference and at night we only taught one family about the Book of Mormon. 
Saturday we got Maria José and Ilsi to go to mutual and according to their leaders they loved it and the made tons of friends. So that's looking positive. We also went with the young women's president and our boy Carlos' to teach Maria José. It was a solid lesson. On Sunday we had those two come to Church and also Hermano Julio's wife Fory and a few others. It was a good day. We also did divisions in the night to teach. It was a solid week. please fix the grammar I can't see the bottom half of the page right now. 

I love you guys. Love, Elder White 

18 month burning of the pants

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