Monday, June 23, 2014

I got 99 problems and my kicks are one...

Hey what's up mucha? How is life back there in the good old 801? Or 435 whatever your swag is... 
This week was super decent. We had a good Monday. We had to go to the Renap like the public people services to get some birth certificates. Our fecha couldn't get baptized. She'll get baptized this week. On Tuesday we had a decent week.  On Tuesday we had a meeting with President Stay to say goodbye... way early right? It was cool. They gave us some stuff and taught us all that they had taught us in all of the meetings for the last two years. It was super baggy. It was with four zones so we got to see some of the friends.
Wednesday we just worked. Also we were walking in the street and a drunk came up to us and just said... Russia. Let`s go Russia. We're going to win the World Cup. We just agreed. So like an hour later we were walking in a different part of our area and out of nowhere someone starts yelling, "Russia, Russia, let's go Russia." The drunk was sitting on a rock waving at us. Out of all the places it was the first time anyone has ever accused me of being from Russia. Super good time. We also put a date for baptism with our boy Vicente Sucuqui. He also gave us duck for lunch.
Thursday was a normal day. I did divisions with Elder Soriano in Carolingia. We taught some lessons. We had some classic talks about Monjas.
Friday  we just worked all day.
Saturday we worked all morning, but my companion was sick so in the afternoon we stayed in the house. I cleaned the guy up. Lots of brooms and disinfectant, but I did it.  Sunday was awesome. We had nine investigators come to Church. We both gave talks also. I was so scared. I got up and took off my glasses and said, it`s not that you guys are ugly. You just scare me.  It was a solid day. We also taught some solid lessons in the afternoon and got destroyed by rain.
This week was awesome! The Church is true! I love you all. 

Elder Nicholas David White

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